Use of data

Purposes of use

The food composition database contains data on the energy and nutrient content of the most common foods in Estonia. The database does not reflect any data on contaminants and food additives in food. We make every effort to ensure that the information provided in the database is correct and updated. However, the National Institute for Health Development cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy, continuity and completeness of the data collected from the food composition databases of other countries, or for the accuracy of the data collected in Estonia. The National Institute for Health Development is not responsible for the use of data acquired from the database, including on other websites and/or software solutions.


Terms of use

The National Institute for Health Development presents data on the website of to be used for free. We advise you to consult the database administrator in advance before using the data of the database on the labels of product packaging, including for nutritional claims/comparisons. We also recommend contacting the database administrator in case you have any questions related to the data of others and their use.

All information provided on the website of is protected by the current intellectual property laws of Estonia, the EC Directive 2001/29, and the WIPO Copyright Agreement. The information of the database and the texts provided on the website of are forbidden to be copied or otherwise reproduced by electronic or mechanical methods, including photocopying, recording or any other method of data storage, unless it is clearly referred to the original data source.

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Estonian National Institute for Health Development
NutriData Food Composition Database, revision 8.

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© NutriData Food Composition Database, version 8.0,, 2018.

NB: Upon publishing the new version of the food composition database, the database version number and year will also change in the database references.