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Evidence-based NutriData Estonian food composition database, version 8, May 2018

The NutriData food composition database contains data on the average nutritional composition of more than 3,300 foods consumed the most in Estonia. Each food profile contains data on a maximum of 60 nutrients.

The data obtained from the NutriData food composition database is used for implementing national nutrition policies, calculating the nutritional composition of food products by the food industry representatives, and carrying out scientific work by the research institutions. On a daily basis, the data obtained from the database is also used in the NutriData nutrition programme.



Food composition data have been mainly collected from the food databases of the Nordic and other countries, and food industry. Many nutritional values have been obtained through a recipe calculation procedure and several dietary analyses have been carried out. Searching for new data and updating existing data are taking place on an ongoing basis. More information on the updates of the food composition database can be found here.

In 2014, the NutriData data entry platform was established next to the database, enabling users to manage food composition data, perform recipe calculations, and recommend new foods to the NutriData database. The platform is intended primarily for use by food industry representatives and research institutions.



The evidence-based food composition database, which was established by the National Institute for Health Development at the beginning of the 1990s, began with the Micronutrica software for menu analysis that was obtained from the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare. Over the years, the food list of Micronutrica was updated with local food data. In 2009, the database was reorganised according to the requirements of Eurofoods and the data updating process was launched. The current structure of the food composition database is based on the guidelines of the EuroFIR (European Food Information Resource) network.



Before using the information obtained from the database, we kindly ask you to also read the terms of use and the concepts and definitions used in the database.


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NutriData food composition database, version 8.

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Website: tka.nutridata.ee


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